Samsung Electronics wanted to strengthen its visual identity across different interactions – online content, advertising, and packaging, among others – through the development of a single custom typeface. Representing the voice of a global enterprise, this typeface had to support multiple languages and writing systems from around the world, making its development a massive undertaking.

My studio was commissioned by Brody Associates (Neville Brody as Type Director and Luke Prowse as Senior Typographer) to develop the Cyrillic portion of the typeface. This required a close study of the existing design principles of the typeface and the key values it had to represent. After defining the necessary language support and stylistic variations, the characters were then carefully designed.

The result is a solid design which both transmits Samsung’s brand message in the major Cyrillic-based languages, and integrates harmoniously with the typeface’s other 25 scripts. Altogether, SamsungOne speaks over 400 languages and enables rich typographic opportunities within the Samsung brand experience.

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